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What parents are saying about Atlantis Academy:

 The twins have made such a drastic change that everyone has taken notice! Its been such a longtime since they have been this happy for school and excited to even attempt their homework let alone fighting to get them ready for school. Such peace about them and i thank God for you and your staff for showing just how much love you have for these kids, you have surely made a difference in their lives!  Thank you !!!!
Rafaela Cruz-Colon, Parent, Coral Springs, Florida

I am the grandparent of an Atlantis Academy student who has been attending the school for three years and can testify honestly that Atlantis Academy is a fine school for special needs children. My granddaughter, who is now in the Middle tier of Atlantis Academy, could not keep up with her studies in previous schools, even though she had an IEP and special classes most every day. Her one wish was “I would love to be able to stay in one classroom, Grammy, and not feel different from everyone else”. My granddaughter was not having her needs met in those previous schools and had a very low esteem – she knew she was different and wanted so badly to fit it – but it never happened. Then I did some research and learned of the Atlantis Academy program, visited the school, and had my granddaughter spend a day there. The child loved it instantly, felt as if she fit in perfectly, and the teachers were compassionate and caring from the beginning. I would recommend Atlantis Academy for any child who is a special need student in any form. It will be a relief for the child and for the parent who no longer has to struggle on a daily basis with homework, low self-esteem, and academic failure. Kudos to Atlantis Academy!
Roberta Boyer Braber, Esq. – Coral Springs, Florida

I’m a parent of a 3rd grade student that is enrolled in Atlantis Academy. My son hated school, disliked doing homework, kids were teasing him, and some teachers were too busy to pay attention. I have to say that my son is so much more motivated and excited to attend school now. He takes more pride in his homework and he’s a happier child. As a parent, I’m very happy and pleased that I took a chance with Atlantis Academy.
T. Thompson

We looked at many schools for our Kindergarten-aged son but struggled to find a good fit for him. From the moment we walked into Atlantis Academy we knew we had found a home. During the tour our son felt so comfortable that he sat at a desk in the classroom and never left! The administration and staff are wonderful…they challenge the students to be the best they can be in a loving and caring environment. We truly feel blessed to be part of the Atlantis family.


Part of the ChanceLight Behavioral Health and Education

Atlantis Academies are part of ChanceLight™ Behavioral Health & Education, the nation’s leading provider of behavioral health and education solutions for children and young adults. We change the direction of children’s lives by offering them the opportunity to create successful, independent futures.

Formerly known as Educational Services of America (ESA), ChanceLight serves more than 13,500 clients and students each day across our two divisions. ChanceLight Behavioral Health serves those with autism spectrum and other behavioral disorders, and pediatric developmental delays and physical challenges. ChanceLight Education includes our alternative education Ombudsman program, which partners with more than 120 school districts to serve at-risk students; and Spectrum Center Schools and Programs, which partners with more than 115 school districts to operate schools and programs for students with special needs.

ChanceLight was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

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