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At Atlantis, we are proud to accommodate students with disabilities and learning difficulties. Many of our students come to us from learning environments that didn’t allow them to reach their maximum potential. We have a history of helping students with all types of special needs to flourish and become productive citizens. Examples of the learning difficulties and disabilities that we accommodate are: aspergers syndrome, dyslexia, autism, processing delays, speech impediments, social disorders, depression, hearing impairments, and ADD/ADHD.

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Alumni Stories
Matt, a student diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, came to Atlantis Academy after struggling through his freshmen year in the public school system. Through the support and dedication of the Atlantis staff, Matt earned a high school diploma and is now a successful college student. He is studying social science and has aspirations of a career in education.

Diagnosed with ADHD as an elementary school student, Jordan struggled through several years of schooling where his unique needs were not met. Upon graduating from Atlantis, Jordan went onto study music at a college in Ohio. He is now being considered for a career in the United States Navy, something Jordan only dreamed of before turning his life around due to the love and support he received at Atlantis.

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