Atlantis Academy
Coral Springs


Instructional ApproachStudent with Dinosaur Book
We believe every student has a preferred learning style. Some students are visual learners; some are auditory learners; others are kinesthetic learners. Our staff is trained to utilize differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each child. Personalized learning strategies are aligned with each student’s academic level and pace of learning. We emphasize core subjects such as reading and writing, language arts, math, social studies and science. The use of interactive computer technology is stressed as part of the curriculum. We also offer after-school clubs, a daily after-school program, tutoring and a full summer camp and academic program.

The courses offered at Atlantis Academy are designed for personal educational excellence for every student. Although Atlantis enrolls students from grades kindergarten through 12, the skill levels of our students do not always match their grade level. Many of our students excel in one subject area while struggling in another. Our personalized academic approach ensures that students work on materials at the level at which they can be appropriately challenged and experience success. We offer a wide variety of courses constructed within a self-paced curriculum and implemented by a staff highly trained in special education teaching strategies. Atlantis students benefit from kinesthetic, visual, auditory and other teaching methods that are often absent in public school settings, as teachers adapt course materials and instructional techniques based on each student’s needs. Courses focus on specific content related to the Sunshine State Standards and to the development of the life and social skills needed to become productive citizens. This flexibility in curriculum and instruction is one reason so many of our students go on to lead successful lives.

Student at computerInitial Assessment
Students at Atlantis Academy are evaluated shortly after enrollment in order to help provide information regarding their current grade level abilities, as well as their academic strengths and weaknesses. The information from these initial assessments helps the teachers develop an effective curriculum for each student and provides current information about the student’s learning strengths and deficiencies for both the student and the family. The goal of the assessment is to help each student understand his or her academic strengths and preferred learning style.

College Prep
The curriculum at Atlantis Academy enables students to earn a fully accredited high school diploma. Each year, many of our graduates enroll in courses at community colleges, universities, and vocational schools.



Social Skills
Atlantis Academy offers an after-school social skills group. We encourage fun, creativity, personality and self-awareness. Among the results we see in our students are improvements in relationship building, language skills, individual skills and leadership skills.

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